Hey brain,
Having multiple thousands keyframes and I want to Y-scale the curve.
It’s pretty much useless with this amount of keyframes, actually I don’t remember this ever working very good.
Anyone know of a workaround without having to use expressions?

Space Y to Y scale

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The pivot point to scale the animation curve will be the keyframe you are on. So if your current value is the maximum, the scale will work in the negative direction. And positive direction if you’re on the minimum value.

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Thats what I’m doing, but its useless when having thousands of keyframes

Am aware of that, the problem is that it’s so slow when having thousands of keyframes, so it’s useless.

try using Filter>Selected>Hide all in animation tab

You can select all keyframes to scale, and then zoom the curve into the best keyframe for you (as Sinan said), fitting the window to see only three of four keyframes more. That way, the movement of the pencil will be less abrupte. And maybe, disabling the result on viewer, selecting back or, just another context node, can help if the refresh make everything harder. Of course, that makes it a trial - error process.

PS. In last flame version there are a new edit box tool for curves pretty useful.

I’m on latest version. So is there a new way of doing it?

Yes. You can isolate the channel, select all the keyframes and you will get an edit box around them, much like a gmask tracer edit box. You can squeeze and stretch that to taste. If you want the precision of entering values, I think you need to use an expression with a variables matchbox or dummy axis to enter the values.


aah yeah, just found it, great!
Thanks, ytf