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A food range like this should be placed on a light blue stage - like the one I have also attached.

How would we proceed? And what should I discuss with the Client regarding filming of that food range? Blue/green screen instead of that white background? Guess the client should shoot the complete food range within frame, not cropped like in the ref? What about the shadows like of the vegetables to the bottom left? How do we need the footage for best results? Flat with no grading/contrasts?

Thank you very much in advance.

Unless I’m missing something, that’s not exactly a difficult setup. Why not just shot the thing for real?


Initially we were discussing the same.
But the catch is They might use the same product clip for different BG in near future.

Then what would be the best approach?

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This bg is quite neutral and wouldn’t create problems like color spill if you want to change it. I would shoot it real on this bg as Randy suggested and deal with the changes if and when they arise. You could use gmask tracer to create the matte for such a shot.


“Might” is different than “will.” :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty common objection from the agency/brand folks.

But, unless the product is super shiny, the camera move makes replacements prohibitive or just too costly given the schedule/budget/talent available, 95 times out out 100, shooting it for real and dealing with it later is the way to go.