AI color matching with color lab

Just watched this amazing demo of Color Lab, machine learning for davinci . I know another app but this is something we need asap. just skip the first twenty mins or so and it gets into the application

Please vote this feature up FI-02416

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I was not impressed. I mean the idea is good, but technology is not there yet. Just my 2c

show me tool in flame that comes even close?

Yeah, I agree. I got excited when I heard “AI Color Matching” and I thought that it meant that it would match the look between shots that have different lighting conditions or different cameras, but from what I could tell, it just analyzes a reference and generates a CDL to get the same mood. That’s basically like buying some LUT presets. Not that useful.

Master grade + colorist?


I’m fairly certain this will work with Flame. From what I could tell, it has integration with Resolve but isn’t a Resolve only tool.

Fully agree. CDL (Look node in Flame) is basicly Gamma/Pedistal/Gain + saturation. I`d say it very limited toolset.

Only real application area would be daylies/proxies creation. This is not a usual Flame usage. Also I`d say if junior daylies colorist would be replaced with AI - what should they trained on?

I am super confused because what I saw was loading a ton of shots a reference and with the press of one button it color matches that plate, which with flames very primitive color tools would take a while to do, matches all the shots and gives you a bunch of other close looks to choose from , I don’t know about you all but this would save me a lot of time over the course of a day, so yea I am excited

this is the way I look at it, but maybe my workflow is different since I am doing shows versus commercials, but the same would apply. If I loaded the plates and said match A to B and it gets me 90% of the way there that might save me 10 mins or so but if I have 75 comps to do the time adds up and flame doesn’t do anything this fast with such simplicity as one touch of a button.

I`m colorist, so I can be a little biased in this question, but IMO this tool as it was shown has some problems

  1. It tied to one camera on a show or segment (most problematic would be to match different cameras)
  2. It tied to one show LUT
  3. I uses CDL at its core (some shots cant be match with such toolset)
  4. It matched look + balace as one pass, should be separate
  5. And, most importantly, even during a demo, with carefully selected shots it`s match sometime failed, IMO of course.
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