Quicktime Dolby Vision Metadata from iphone

So I got a iPhone 12 and I am checking out its HDR mode, I am really interested in how Apple is shoving the ‘Dynamic Dolby Vision Metadata’ into their H265 10bit .mov files .

It seems like they have the same amount of Metadata tracks as the iPhone 11, but I cant find anyhting that can read the contents (ffprobe, mediainfo, exiftool) so I am not sure why the non-HDR iPhone would have the same metadata tracks but I mostly wonder what is in there.

-Dolby metadata changing inside a single clip would be weird, it would/should be static for that shot, but maybe its actually per frame and its just trying to balance out the auto-exposure function to some degree, no idea…

  • the SDR conversion on a macbook doesnt look like the same thing done with Dolby Vision in Flame
    (left Original iPhone HDR right exported after SDR Trimmpass from Dolby 4.0)

you can download the original file here if you want to have a play.

Maybe you’ll have better luck if you shoot with Filmic?

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Yea only had a few minutes with (my wifes) the phone today, I will install filmic later and see if it makes a difference I would assume the metadata is encoded in the same way however… hmm I even contacted dolby about more information on what this iPhone Dolby actually is but so far no response on that front.


You can now “create” those odd iPhone dolby vision HLG files using the latest apple compressor .

It seems to analyze the source as I tried with a really bright PQ hdr master and it turned darker visually on a sdr display so its doing something.

It however doesnt look like its doing anything dynamic…