Shooting a Macbook Air m2 screen


RED shoot coming up and they will be shooting a Macbook Air 13 M2 with some images on it. They dont want to comp in later. DOP is asking what frame rate he should shoot at? Native fps in this part of the world is 25.

Will that be ok. ie no flicker?

not sure about the correct answer but i would investigat the possibility of using screen mirror and airplay to send the desktop to a different device to record the screens output, giving you the option to replace the screen if it flickers…and if they are interacting with the mac then you have all that recorded as well.


Good suggestion. Just download a copy of OBS, setup to record display, and run in background. No need for external hardware.

Quicktime has screen capturing. Boom.

Any DP worth her salt will be able to chase the flickering with the shutter angle. Whether or not that shutter chasing torpedoes the rest of the shot or even other practicals in the scene is of course some thing that you’ll have to deal with on the day. Likely it’s going to be fine. If the screens are animated, expect the animations to of course, not be in sync with the shutter and weirdness ensues.

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And be sure ask @finnjaeger how you can achieve proper color science when shooting a XDR screen via a log camera with a Rec delivery. He’s good at that stuff.
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macbook air doesnt have XDR screen


Idk what dimming tech they use, pwm dimming might be pretty crazy, but all in all its a regular LCD.

Good luck