Shotgun is now Shotgrid

Apparently there is some licensing changes as well with this? not sure though.

People were kicking off on Reddit over the way it’s licensed now. Sounds like it’s per-person or something? Wasn’t there some issue with Flame being licensed in the same manner now?

fwiw, I like the name better.

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Ftrack is certainly no bed of roses either.

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As far as flame and shotgun was concerned it was pretty fucking obvious how things would play out when the guy who wrote the flame integration left to go and work at framestore.

Nobody else will ever take up the mantle.

Get used to being sold out.

Autodesk are not alone in this approach.

I know Steve and Will would like us to believe something different.

Flat earth maybe?

Hello Phil,

You are right that the person working in the ShotGrid team who wrote the first implementation left Autodesk for Framestore many years ago.

That being said, the more recent ShotGrid Plugin implementation has been written by the Flame team.


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Great breakdown of how ADSK ruined Shotgun.


ok so one of my clients told me this so I tried to log in to shotgun and it really hung up my mac! I am on 2022 so should I wait to use until I upgrade to a point release?