SideScroll picture flickering on Broadcast

Hi, just wondering if there is a way in Flame to prevent flickering on shots that I transformed to scroll horizontally across the screen ?

My setup :
I have 9 HD video clips that are aligned horizontally to each other edge to edge.
Have to scroll at different speeds ( x transform )
from right to left as to keep the appropriate sound relative to the shot
Using bezier interpolation to ease into the different transform “ramps”
Product shots for a 30sec spot

Any ideas :bulb:

Motion blur can help. Faster framerates can help, but there’s usually nothing that can be done about that if your delivery needs to be 24 or 30 progressive.

If this is for broadcast, the best “deflickering” is rendering it interlaced. If interlacing is not an option, you can find an optimal motion blur value. Whole-pixel translation may also help in certain situations.

If the frame rate is fixed, which, is pretty much on any delivery we do for web/broadcast, then you have 2 options…

Option 1. Sharp and stuttery.

Option 2. (Motion) blurry and less stuttery.

Pick one. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that’s really all there is too it.

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Yeah, this problem sucks and there’s no way around it.

If you can control the animation then having things go faster then slower will help for the same amount of time (think flicking through pictures on a phone), but if you’ve got to make the moves a specific speed and that speed is stuttery, the only thing you can do is apply the motion blur and smear them.

Thanks for the feedback. Had to lose a few shots to ease the flickering.