How to add a realistic Camera 'Stutter' effect every time a foot touches the floor

Hey all,

Currently using Flame 2022.3 and have a sequence of someone running horizontally on a path. The director has asked if we can add a Camera ‘stutter’ or Judder when the footsteps land in the running scene. Anyone got some tips or ideas that would make it look good? I’ve already tried doing a 5% scale in every time the foot touched the floor but it just looks like an editing error :frowning:

Example (actual shot isnt slow motion but same running sideways motion)

Any help is appreciated.


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Hm. I would do a move in y direction with matching slow motion. Just off the top of my head:
Frame: Y value:
1 0
10 -20
20 10
30 -10
40 5
50 0

Also try adjusting the lower values to be linear and top values to be smooth as a sine wave but with sharp corners on the bottom. Sorry for not being more explanatory…


That sounds like a great idea. Those value look like they mimic a “wiggle” type effect. Of course you will have to scale in a bit to compensate for the top / bottom of the screen that would show black/transparent at 100% scale.

You’re right. Depending on the creative freedom you could scale without keeping the aspect and stretching the image.

I would put a phone on a table and put something on the table, turn on the phone’s video camera, and take 10 or 15 fists pounding on the table, track that, and use the up-and-down to drive your jitter.

At the very least, you can then see how the animation curves look and re-create that manually yourself or with a plug-in or expression you choose.

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Like Randy said, and I would shoot it slow-mo, then tighten the animation curves – you can get more detailed movement.

If shooting the element isn’t viable, I would try shake from Sapphire or crok. You can add random turbulence, etc. First make an axis to drive the shake, for example make x go from 0 when the foot is up, then to 1 when it impacts the ground, then back to 0. Link that to your shake…

Wow thanks guys for all the interesting ideas, I will give these a go and get back to you :slight_smile: