Silhouette OFX

I’ve just installed silhouette as an OFX, but I only get the option for paint, not roto.
Anyone know why this is?

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Silhouette Paint is a multihost paint only ofx plug-in.

Silhouette is a standalone application that does everything.

If you’re seeking ofx roto, see Mocha.

Thanks Randy. Not looking to use it for roto, but our roto artist, who works remote, uses it. I figured it would be an easy way for me to tweak any incoming roto rather than going back to him.
I have used a Gmask setup from him before, but it’s always a bit flaky.

Previously, the Silhouette Paint plug-in was limited to paint functions, but as of Silhouette 2021, all limitations were removed. The Silhouette Paint plug-in has been transformed into a fully featured Silhouette plug-in that can do everything the standalone version of Silhouette can do, but as a plug-in. Also, Silhouette 2022 was just released. For more information, feel free to visit: Boris FX | Silhouette 2022


Thanks Marco, does that also mean i can load in a silhouette setup from elsewhere?

Yes, when you launch Silhouette, select Open Project and select the desired project instead of creating a new one. Be aware that some OFX hosts process the image in some way before passing it to Silhouette. For instance, a host may linearize the image and Flame might have a different behavior. Depending on where the project was created, you may need to manually set the Viewer > OCIO controls to make the image look right.


Thanks Marco.

I’ve tried installing the new 2023 version, but it’s not showing up.

Did you run the “” script by typing: sudo ./

Hi Marco, I have now, thanks.