AI Grain tool added to Silhouette 2023!

I was watching yesterday’s BorisFX demo of the new stuff in their latest versions and saw that Silhouette is going to have AI powered inpaint and grain tools. I am very interested in trying them out!


nice… that seems to basically be a copy of DasGrain. Does Silhouette work as OFX in Flame?

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Hi @ALan. It does indeed work as an OFX.

This is great to know.

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I highly recommend for paint work.

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can the 3 inputs be piped in from Batch?


Boris should break the grain thing out into a separate OFX, I have zero need for the other features of Silhoutte.

BTW, UltraGrain sucks.

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Stand by.

Silhouette Paint is an OFX for Flame.

Silhouette Stand-alone is not an OFX for Flame.

You’d be surprised Alan. I have switched about 95% of my paint work over to Silhouette. Its paint tools are top notch. I still don’t do any roto in it though, (not until you can export Gmask Tracer shapes) I still use Mocha for that.


I asked. The grain and Stability tools are available in the OFX version as well as the standalone.


You’re right. Given the in-stability of Batch Paint, maybe going to Silhouette for simple basic, comp 101 stuff is necessary.

New tools sound nice, but man am I gonna be happy when people stop adding “AI” to every piece of software they make.

I mean, it’s better than the previous additives “VR”, and “Blockchain”, but no less insipid.


Actually, that’s not true Randy. You can get the full Silhouette as an OFX for Flame. It has everything but the Continuum tools and Particle Illusion in it.


Yes, Silhouette Paint is the gold standard among all these tools.

In fact today’s Silhouette app is the merger of what used to be a dedicated roto tool and a dedicated paint tool from what I understand, and since then gotten some additional features before BorisFX acquired it add additional spice.

If you haven’t tried Silhouette Paint, I suggest you give it a go. It has many deep features that go beyond what you can do in Flame, Nuke, or Fusion. It’s also very efficient. A vector based paint tool that can auto match move, paint cross frame, color correct and blur on strokes, along with dodge/burn/blemish brushes, obey hold-out mattes, and an easily editable paint history. It also has frequency separation built in, so you can select whether you want to paint tone or texture or both.

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I suggest spending a little extra money on getting the full Silhouette. It’s worth it for the inpaint tool alone. I don’t think Silhouette Paint has that since it is just the paint and roto modules as tabs. I also haven’t heard that these new ML tools will be available for it, although I could be wrong there too.

BTW…@FriendsFromBorisFX are coming on Logik Live on 5/27 to show off their latest wares.


So, the old Silhouette Paint plug-in is now just the Silhouette plug-in. The newer Silhouette plug-in includes all the nodes available in the standalone with the exception of Sapphire and Particle Illusion.


Alan, yes, 3 inputs can be input from Batch into the Silhouette plug-in.

Agreed Andy. We named our new denoiser node, Denoiser ML, since it is technically machine learning and not AI. We purposely left off the AI from the new Stability node as well. Of course, that will not stop us from using AI in marketing. :slight_smile:



When will the new version of Silhoutte be available for download/trial? All I see on your site is 2022.5