Rolling back versions on Linux

Hi guys, I’ve started a job at home to assist a post house (their Flame is running 2020.3) and I’ll have to roll back from vers 2021.1 to 2020.3. (they’ll need my archive to be compatible with the main artist’s Flame at the end)
Am I right to just download and run and select the right workspace on the opening page like I would on a Mac?
I’m a total Linux n00b. I’ve downloaded 2020.3 for Linux.
What program do I run the INSTALL FLAME script (it’s a script, right?) from the tar file? How will I establish a new Framestore? (if I need to?)
I don’t really want to uninstall my 2021 version because I have potential jobs in progress…

Thanks in advance!

You can’t open a newer archive in an older version, so all of your existing work in 2021.1 is meaningless in Flame 2020.3. And you’ll always need to install Flame in chronological order, meaning, if you install an older version of Flame on top of a newer one, you’ll break it.

Randy, so they can’t just… co-exist? As in 2021 just lurks in the background dormant while I fire up 2020.3 (and point 2020.3 to a new framestore on a separate drive?)

They can co exist sure. But you have to delete all the projects and install them from oldest to newest.

Autodesk has recommended in the past installing them from older to newer. I’ve got about 8-9 versions on my machine and when you install in order it’s typically quite easy.

So it’s as I thought then - I’ll only be using this older version for this single project, and if I need to access current projects on 2021.1 then I’ll fire up 2021.1. (assuming there’ll be no permissions problems or locked drives or any of that palava)

Now that that’s out of the way, is there anything I should know about installing the older version so it doesn’t hurt the newer version?

Thanks again for all your answers :slight_smile:

Archive everything.

Run the uninstaller from the highest version of Flame you have installed.

Install the oldest version first. Test that it works.

Install the next version next. Test if that works.



Let us know how it goes.

Ah! So, this has been my experience on Mac, but, doesn’t seem to be my experience on Linux. For example, just installed 2020.3.1 on top of 2021.2, 2022.0.1, and 2022.1 on Centos 7.6 and DKU

You were right @ytf.

Next chance I get Ill have to triple check the Mac experience.


We’re you ever able to check the Mac experience regarding rolling back versions of Flame? I’m on 2022.3 and may need to go back to 2020 for a job. Thanks!

Going back that far? I’d be more worried about the operating system not supporting 2020

ugh. do you happen know which mac OS version I’d have to downgrade to that will play nice with 2020.3.1

What are you running now? I have it on good info that you can go back to 2019 with catalina.

Currently, I’m on Monterey 12.1 running Flame 2022.3. I tried uninstalling 2022, then installing 2020.3.1. No Dice. Wiretape won’t run and I’m not able to open a Flame project.