Using same Flamestore with Flame 2021 and Flame 2022

Hello forum

I heard that it’s possible to install and use different Flame-versions using the same Flamestore.
(on macOS Catalina)

  • Does that mean, once switched to Flame 2022.2 it is still possible to “return” to 2021.2)?

  • Does this fallsback/switch cause additional storage consumtion on the Flamestore?


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Great questions.

Yes, many of us have multiple versions of Flame running. Yes, they can all use the same framestore. It shouldn’t cause additional framestore consumption. Depending on how different the Flame versions are, you may need to convert a project when you move to a more recent version. And that isn’t undoable.

You can “return” to a previous version of Flame, but not with a project that has been converted. In other words, Flame is a like a time machine that travels very slowly and only in one direction. Once you promote a Flame project from an older version to a newer version, you can’t go backwards in time. But, you can always go back to a previous version and create a new project and do other things.

If memory serves me right, you can copy a project from an older to newer, or convert from older to newer, depending on what your needs are.

#Intrigued ! I’ve certainly run multiple versions on systems here before, but I’d love to know if anyone is running 2021 & 2022 on the same box…? If so, which version of Linux are you running?

Many thanks & high fives

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Centos 7.6.
DKU 16.1.0-1
Flame 2020.3.1
Flame 2021.2
Flame 2022.0.1
Flame 2022.1
Flame 2022.2


Woah! Thanks Randy!
I didn’t think you could run 2022 on 7.6. I’ve been holding off to make the jump until I could do the Cent upgrade on the boxes. Maybe I’ll dance with this devil sooner than expected.

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Yeah the Autodesk system requirements are frustrating to sort through some times.

So, my understanding is that Centos 8 doesn’t support older versions of of Flame, but that doesn’t mean that Flame doesn’t support older versions of Centos.

I think. :slight_smile: Mayb? I dunno. I think I have a grasp of it all then I don’t.

May I Ask you @randy, what is the main reason you have that many versions of Flame installed? I also have 2 or 3 versions installed at once, mostly because I have nearly finished larger projects, and I don’t want to spend time to port them to the newer version, but keeping so many older versions must have a particular reason I can’t think of it right now. I am just being curious.

Of course. I do a ton of remote work for a variety of studios and those are the versions that they use. It’s mind boggling, ya know? I have those versions of Flame plus a backup Flame plus a PCoIP station with Windows/Linux for RGS/Teradici. It’s maddening how many things I drag along so that if anybody calls I can say ‘no problem.’