Re-Connect a lost Segment Connection?

Is there some easy way to reconnect segments that used to be connected, but for whatever reason have lost the connection?

I did not conform these, so I don’t have a sources reel or anything like that, just a bunch of versions (1x1, 4x5, 9x16, 16x9) and timings (10 and 15) and I’d like it to get back to swapping out one segment to a new version swaps out the rest.

As far as I know, you’ll need to copy and paste the segment from the original (with connect turned on). I don’t know of an automatic way of re-connecting segments. I would love to have one though…

If all of you sequences are within the same sequence reel you can easily use the source segment connection again. Otherwise i am afraid you have to copy the segments by hand to all timelines indeed…

Do they still have a common source? When yes, you can create a new source segment connection. You need to have “overwrite existing connections” enabled and “reels only” disabled (when you have not everything in one).
Also connections only work within their reelgroup, so make sure they are in one.

In case your source connection is already in the reelgroup unlinked and doubled, the fastest way would be to extract all shots into one reel and overwrite doubled clips. Then split the reel away into another reelgroup, unlink all media of your sequences, put the reel back into your group and conform from the reel. That will restore both, the common source and the linking.

Match out all the unique clips into a single reel, unlink all the media in the clips and relink to the matched out footage.