Gmask Tracer F4, does it work?

Again a basic question, but when working on Gmask Tracer, F4 never shows the result of my work inside it, it shows always what the red connection is, as if it stocks on F1… what did I miss? I tried manually to switch between the different views without shortcuts but couldn’t guess it, I have to put a mux or a blur to see the results.

I think I found it, in my output part, I have to manually select the Matte (Primary), not very practical I have to admit

Hi Chadi,

The Gmask Tracer is built on the Action Architecture with multiple outputs.

As you discovered, you need to switch the outputs to see the correct view.

A more practical way to use them is to use the hotkeys instead of having to switch to a different menu. Use either the 1 or 2 shortcut on your keyboard to display the correct view.

Hope this helps.



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Does anyone think that Gmask tracer should only have a matte output. I’ve only ever used it to create mattes so I was just wondering why we need it to have 2 outputs. Wouldn’t that solve the F4 problem?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


You raise a very good point @johnag