One of my new favorite custom hotkeys:

The F15 button doesn’t work for cycling different primary/secondary compare modes on the remote setup I’m on, so in trying to find the function to reassign it, I learned you can actually set a hotkey for any specific primary/secondary compare mode you want. I had to add ctrl + shift to not hit something already assigned, but hey…

Anyone else have a favorite unassigned “off menu” shortcut they find indispensable?

edit: this could also be common knowledge, in which case, carry on…

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The first thing I always do when I create a new user is set the undo/redo keys to match every other program on the planet. Then I set the delete key to actually delete things.


Space-W opens all selected sequences.


Alt-z and alt-x for undo/redo is a lot faster and more ergonomic than whatever the stock keys are.
Also alt-a for auto key toggle.
And about 50 other customs.
I took the time to study which commands I used most often, and which weren’t fast, and just reprogrammed them.


I’ve had the issue with f15 you have had in the past and by bridging the keyboard on the teradici box, it worked.

unassigned keys

Ctrl o to open sequences.
Ctrl shift n for new folder
Ctrl shift L for new library.
Shift print screen blend modes for timeline
Shift scroll lock title guides
Shift pause vectorscope

@eric_mason follow this to make your wildest F15 dreams come true.

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Most of my favorites are python hooks. Some I don’t use every day, but when I want them it’s great to have them. That includes a set that sends multiple clip selections to either the start, the 2 pop, or 01:00:00:00. Another that I do use every day creates a new batch group with all the folders built the way I like. And nothing beats being able to pause on a frame and save a capture of it to send to clients. I forget who wrote that one, but thanks.


To paraphrase the article, I’d need a separate mouse/tablet and keyboard to make it work, yeah?

Although it’d be great to have F15 work, given my limited deskspace it sounds like the cure might be worse than the symptoms. The thought of copying and pasting between teradici flame and macOS slack makes me inclined to just suck it up and deal.

This however, has me intrigued. Is this the same thing that Randy was speaking of, or would this disable my keyboard on macOS as well?

This refers to teradici hardware. Essentially it tells the hardware to choose a specific keyboard and not a gevetic driver.

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Assigning hotkeys to opening all selected sequences and closing all open sequences might be one of my new favs, especially w/ all the interminable socials we’re doing nowadays…

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Exactly the same. Delete = Delete!

I like that one too. Though there’s something satisfying about gesturally “throwing away” stuff…

I was editing today and sharing my screen with the client. I often gesturally throw clips off the timeline. The client says…“wow thats cool”. how do I switch that on in my Premiere software. I laughed and said it’s a big boys toy.


Big Boy GIF

I have come to except my lack of F13-F15 on the remote Mac. It frustrates and I will keep looking for solutions but it isn’t nearly as crippling as my lack of pen pressure.


I’ve just re-mapped the shortcuts to different key combinations. Totally fine for now. I still remember where the originals are… :slight_smile:

Gotta say, if it weren’t for that inconvenience, I wouldn’t have found out that there are direct shortcuts to primary-secondary difference as well as side by side, which I’m going to keep in my mappings from here on out.

That and open all selected, close all…