Stop Broadcasting if Flame is not in focus

Hey all,

Trying to have both Resolve and Flame on a Rocky Linux system simultaneously. In resolve, there is an option to release the SDI card when the application is not in focus. Using this option allow another application to output to the SDI card when not being used by Resolve. Does anyone know if this is possible to accomplish in Flame? or does Flame have to be completely closed for it to release it’s hold on the SDI card?

Player Options>Image>SDI Preview and Preferences>Broadcast Monitor>Broadcast Monitor>YourCard Output pop-up Both turn the SDI output off. I don’t know if they release their grip or not. There was an earlier discussion about this. Since I only use flame on my Rocky machine, I didn’t follow up.


The only way I managed to switch between Flame and Resolve is to turn off Broadcast and Audio prefs. This will release the sdi for resolve