Flame/Resolve Video card hand off?

Is there some way to make my blackmagic card go back and forth between Flame and Resolve as I switch apps or do I really need to quit each app and launch the other one to get the broadcast to switch? Has anyone done this?

Are you on linux? In flame preferences under Broadcast Monitor try turning on “Auto SDI Aquire”

I thought that was for Lustre only…but yeah, if that doesn’t work, then it just won’t. Although you could have an AJA card in the machine also, and set to Flame to use that, and Resolve will only use the BMD… or you might be able to have 2 BMDs, although that is less likely to work than the AJA.

I only use one app or the other in Linux. Never at the same time. Running the 2 softwares on the same box has been tricky in the past. Kept getting freeze / playback errors on the BMD card. I even tried a dual boot setup, which was more of a pain than a solution.

With the current Rocky Linux install, I’ve been able to keep both running together, without any major issues. The one time I tried to run both at the same time, Resolve kept crashing and I decided to play it safe.

That said, would love to try the SDI acquire if that works.

The Auto Acquire SDI option is for Flame and Lustre running on the same station at the same time. If you use Resolve, you will need to disabled the card in Resolve prior running Flame.

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I’m actually on Mac, does that help any?

BMD Card works on Lustre now? or is this for AJA only

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Lustre only supports AJA cards.

it would be nice to have it for Blackmagic Cards too since they are supported in Flame to have a possibility to use one card across products and also for Resolve

There is no plan to add BMD cards support in Lustre.