Strip Avid Crap

I wrote this a long time ago for myself but thought I’d clean it up a bit and shove it somewhere in case someone else finds it useful.

I get a lot of AAFs from Avid, which always tacks its “.Exported.01” garbage onto the end of the sequence names. This just renames your sequences to remove it so you don’t have to manually rename a dozen sequences one by one yourself.

Place in /opt/Autodesk/shared/python/ and use by selecting a library, reel, or folder containing sequences (or manually select any individual sequences), right-click and go to Project Tools > Strip Avid Crap.

Note that it only goes 1 level deep so it won’t go crazy if accidentally let loose on a library; That is, the sequences must be in the root level of the selected library/reel/folder. (2.0 KB)


New version that now also renames Avid-crapified clips on the timelines themselves, removing .sync.01 and .new.01 and such from them. (2.9 KB)

Also at:


It is these small, quality of life, python scripts that I really appreciate :hugs:

good name also

I conformed 9 timelines the other day with all the clip names with Avid .sync.## garage on them, it was driving me crazy! I had to stop and do something about it…

Anyway glad you also find it useful :smiley:

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