Hi everyone.
Newbie to Flame here (only 4 months) but Online Editor for 20 years. About to start a 10 part broadcast project where there will be a lot of subtitling present. I have never done this before in Flame and can’t readily see how it is done except for manually typing all the sub which just won’t fly
I’m hoping for the equivalent that Avid has which is the subcap effect which allows you to import a .txt file of the subtitles but also globally change any font parameters.
I understand that you can import an .XML into Flame but will that contain all the subtitles and can you then globally manipulate the content as required?
Hope this makes sense?
This project will be on Flame 2021 on Linux.
Many thanks in advance and thank you for a great forum


Hey Dan
Unfortunately there isn’t an avid subcap type tool.
You can set a text preset with font/colour/size for when you import the xml and it’ll use that for all of them, I guess if it’s not right you’d then change your preset and reimport the xml.

The Logik Portal to the rescue!


I tried messing about with importing XML for subtitling for a while and it was just awful :slight_smile: My workflow today is to do all subtitling in premiere. I export the subtitles with alpha channel into flame. The key I found is to use the versioning function in flame, then update process is pretty painless. Everytime you change subtitles, export with a new version itteration “edit_30s_sub_v02” and just use the verioning in flame to update, no need to re import. Obviously keeping the whole process in flame would be a dream come true.