Subtitles / Closed Captions

I have a movie supplied with a range of subtitling / closed caption files and I’m wanting to export a version with these burnt in.
Is there a way of importing any of these formats into flame and getting them to behave?
I have been supplied the captions as .cap, .scc, .srt & .vtt

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the script!
I have installed and run as per the instructions, but am getting this error and no xml is being generated.
It says on the bottom line that there is no such file or directory, but it is there…no idea why it’s not seeing it as there are no permissions issues.

Hey John

That link is for a very old version of the SRT to XML script. Not sure why it was still active, but I think I’ve taken care of that now. I would delete the version you’ve installed. Install the Logik Portal from the link below and then from there install the SRT to XML script through the portal. The Portal should properly install the script for you.

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Thank you so much.
I’ll get that done now and report back!

Worked a treat, thank you again!

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