SuperMicro Threadripper

Just wondering if anyone is running a Supermicro Threadripper Pro system?

I can get one at around about 70% the price of a simile spec Lenovo P620. We’ve got a few Supermicro systems that have been reliable enough too.

If you are installing it in a rack in another room, definitely go with SuperMicro due to the form factor and remote management. If it is going to be in the room with you, the Lenovo is very quiet. We just put an order in for the new Zen3 5900 based one.

Workstation will be in the machine room. I can’t see any benefit of Lenovo over Supermicro as both are OEM systems. I do see a benefit for me with the Supermicro as it is cheaper, and the people setting it up are particularly good at such things.

I think I am getting an especially good price as the next gen Threadrippers are coming out in a few months.

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