System drive

Just wondering what size system drives everyone is using.
I’m finding mine, (500GB) is filling up quite regularly these days.

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We did a vanilla upgrade from Centos to Rocky and our system drive was 70 GB :scream:

Spent the first few days of the year filling those up pretty quickly. We have now re-partitioned and I have 250 GB

Still not much. I am asking Santa for some new hardware next year to accompany my new software :wink:

So I’m constantly battling with managing the space on this drive, currently at 97%
Question is, what happens if it hits 100%

Clearly, for some reason, /opt/Autodesk/ starts to increase and become abnormally huge. Or maybe /var/tmp/ or some cache or hidden files in managed folder. Many people complain about that, but it’s not usual. Mine is 500 Gb too, I don´t have any space problem, even installing more software, virtual images for emulation, some stuff…

There are some graphic tool to take a fast look and find folders unusually large. I´m not in front of the computer. I think gnome includes something called “Disk Usage Analyzer” or sort of.

What do you think will happen, Paul?

Many studios externalize the the various sub folders located under /opt/Autodesk (like projects, clip, archive, etc) to another location (i.e drive) via symlink to avoid filling system drive with limited storage size. This is a very good practice in case you cannot remove content from your projects. I would recommend to work with a system administrator if you want to go that route.

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Really not sure Randy. I know if I fill my frame-store, I get a message saying not enough space, however with the system drive, I worry that Flame will crash and at worst not start again.

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Yup. It’ll bring you crashing to a halt. It won’t be pretty.

Killy, is it ok to blitz /var/tmp?
I have 12G in there I could really use at the moment.

No. At least, the whole folder indiscriminately. There are many processes and services that use var/tmp in linux. Including flame, sure. I would investigate which files and which program is spamming /var/tmp/ and why.

What is the name of these files? are they in a subfolder?

Other than that, it’s all project files.

It’s the database that you need to be careful with.

Dare I say it… Central S+W for the win here again.

I just do not understand how ADSK does not push this as the modern default way of doing things… This legacy old data island crap is just horrid, and leads to shit like this happening.

Or at the very least there should be a user option to choose a location for your setups, preferably, (here anyway) the same location as the scans on our server, they will then be backed up every night.

You’ve been able to do that for decades now at Project creation stage.
I would not be surprised if your Clip libraries and auto .bak have grown huge.

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“You’ve been able to do that for decades now at Project creation stage.”
Damn! How have I never seen that?