System disk Full

I think I read something about that in logik, but search function in facebook sucks. I can’t find anything. Suddenly , with 10-15 gb free, my system disk is full. Assuming that flame or any kind of child process creates tmp files… How can I search them?


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How big is /var/tmp?

Imported geo and cameras can eat through a lot of space as well as it’s stored locally for each iteration so if you have a lot of projects/shots that you’ve been using them that could also be the culprit.

And ditch Facebook for crying out loud. :slight_smile:

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Today seems everything is normal. (?) , Yesterday even I had to move some files from my home folder, because Flame becomes totally unresponsive. After that, I could exit from flame.

Today /var/tmp are 180mb (today) . I could put bak the files copied and I have again my free space expected. I didn’t import fbx recently. And I use to have only 2-3 proyects max.

So now I can’t check anything. I’ll watch out next time.

Yes sure! . But I 'm almost sure that I saw something this problem.

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Disk space Topic here?