OPT is eating my main HD drive :(

Hello and happy new year
I went through quickly all related topics before I post this, so sorry if this has been covered before
My opt drive is eating all my main HD drive on my Mac Pro that is only 256 Giga (sorry)
What is the safest way to free some disk space on my opt/ knowing that I set my main storage drive on an external hard drive? I am afraid at a certain point my main HD is fulled and cause damage to the opened project

Do you have multiple old versions of Flame installed? That’d be one place to get back some quick space.
Otherwise, archive and remove any old projects you can.

Beyond that you might just have a full drive from other Mac things; I’m on Linux, but even with multiple versions installed, about 40 projects of varying sizes online, a directory full of old archive TOCs, etc. my /opt/Autodesk is only 52GB.

Might be time for a disk upgrade? :slight_smile:

It’s a long shot, but check opt/Autodesk/ProjectName/images and also var/temp (or tmp)

I believe FBX and Alembic files, especially those that are per-frame cashes, can fill up your project folder quickly. Each batch iteration saved generates a new copy of the FBX. So if you have any setups like that, deleting old iterations will help.

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I’ve also accidentally filled my HD up with a misguided archive. I never damaged a project by filling the HD.

Thank you all for your comments, I tried all the recommendations, I still miss a lot of space.
I have noticed that the folder: /opt/Autodesk/clip/ is more than 340 Gigas, for only one project in 2K that has around 60 shots in batch, inside this clip/ folder lays stonefs (289G) and .volatile_698_501 which is 54G
I am not sure if there is a possibility to make manual cleaning, I know it is dangerous

That looks like the project has your system drive as the stone.

Archive that project, make a new project but set the stone to your external storage and restore the archive into it.

Once you’ve confirmed the archived project is all there (including setups!) delete the first project from the “Project and User Settings” menu—pick the project and chose “delete project”.

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Thanks Andy, cool to see you around :slight_smile:
The thing is when I archive the project, Flame tends to eat the system HD in an incredible speed, as if it is building the archive in temp inside the system HD even if the archive destination is on another HDD.
Do you recommend a tutorial about how to set the stone to an external storage ?
All the best

Have you confirmed that the archive is actually on the external drive? This is where I have been tripped up.

Is pretty easy in the newer versions of the software.

When you make a new project, a few lines down from the top is a place to designate where media is stored. Chose a new folder and you’re done.