Has anyone got the audio working well on Mac via Teradici on a NUC?

Hi all,

I’m using flame on mac (catalina) > teradici > hp prodesk NUC with a realtek soundcard and not having much luck with audio.

I’ve changed my mac audio to pciop virtual speakers 2ch and down mixed to 2 channels in flame. this threw up the following message - audio : warning.disabling audio audio/video keywork mismatch in config. file.

For my colleges on big sur the audio works with the above settings but it is unusable in quality.

Any pointers would be appreciated!


I’ve not got this Ed but have got Linux to pcoip on Mac. Have you set the flame hardware setup? You might probably have to change that to what ever will broadcast over the internet like we did with teradici anal remember?

hey mate, that a good call! thanks.