Terminal question

I use Terminal for booting Flame and running vic but thats the limit of my abilities…so when my Terminal window opens with the message " The default interactive shell is now zsh.
To update your account to use zsh, please run chsh -s /bin/zsh."
…that leaves me baffled.

Is it OK to run that command and still be able to do the few Flame related things do in Terminal?


I gess that you are in Catalina. Catalina changed from bash to zsh as shell.

Here you have more info:

I’m not a mac user, so I don’t know why Catalina ask for that kind of confirmation. Anyway here how setup your system to use bash or zsh.

zsh is more modern and versatil than bash. It’s kind of the fashionable shell nowadays. But, sure, that is only for advances users. For you, or for us, as flame users is completely trivial. I think it doesn’t matter the use of bash or zsh to run commands or launch binaries or scripts as vic or flame launch script. But I can’t say it 100%. (for example if some script start by #!/bin/sh) .
If you prefer, you can set your system to stay in bash.

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I use zsh to do the terminal commands on Catalina and Big Sur. Everything is fine it’s just you will see terminal commands geared toward Bash commands and every once in a while you may need to adapt something but for flame users is shouldn’t matter.

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thanks chaps - think i’ll leave well alone. If its not necessary, then no point making headaches unnecessarily!