Text module question

i know its old module and subject to much griping, but there’s one thing that has always bugged me and i wonder if its an error or by design…

why when you set the positioning of a layer to centred, does the x axis default to -0.50?
surely this should be x=0 and y=0.

is it just me?

It is because the default width of a new line is mysteriously one less than 80% of the width of the background image, a value it takes from the very old title safe standard which has been obsolete for years.

The centre point of the screen is a fixed place in space…un-related to the dimension of an object placed within that space.

Surely any co-ordinate system that measures from -x to +x must have its centre point at 0, regardless of the dimensions of the line that sits on those co-ordinates.

Sure but with a canvas having dimensions of even numbers, there is no whole pixel at 0,0. IE imagine the canvas was only 2x2, drawn as a grid of 4 squares; the true center is actually in between pixels 1 and 2 horizontally and vertically, where the vertexes of all 4 squares meet… where we can’t draw a pixel :grin:

This is from a UV frame of reference; but we want to think about pixels as physical squares on a grid, in which case the coordinate system would technically be offset to align to one of the corners of our pixels.

That said, whether this is the reason the Text module works the way it does (operating more in UV space but trying to take into account the existence of pixels), I can’t say.

and weirdly, the y co-ordinates fail to centralise at all!

@Lightningad Quick tip if what you want is to set your Text Layer in the middle of the image:

  1. Press Alt-Z
  2. Press 5 on the Numeric Keypad.

And to quickly drop the text to bottom safe title do alt-z then 8 on numeric keyboard