Texture repeating Matchbox

There is a matchbox shader that I haven’t used in a while but I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called… From what I can recall it samples a small area (let’s say some asphalt texture) and then repeats and tiles it while randomly changing the rotation of the texture so it doesn’t feel as patterned/repeated. Anybody know the one I mean?

Try crok seamless

Thanks @GPM That pretty well does what I’m after. Oddly enough it works differently than what I remember, but there’s a less-than-zero chance that I’ve just lost my mind over time.

Much appreciated!

Could you be thinking of the Motif node set to ROI rather than Radial?

I don’t think so… The more I think about it, I think @GPM might be right. If it wasn’t that one, then it was something very similar. Thanks for taking the time though @fredwarren !

Doesn’t Substance Materialize in Action do something like that?

I think it’s substance splatter you’re thinking of.