Thanks to whomever

Been off of FB for quite a while. I missed the group, the ability to spitball and ask questions and to have something in common. Thanks for making this place. Finding out about Mr. Weekend late was a real kick in the gut. Please except these very utilitarian items. I was rewarded with a very kind “keep it goin” after my first shader. This is what I’ve been doin since.



Great to see your name pop up. There’s a few of us involved. @andymilkis provides all the Logik Live and Logik Podcast content. Andy Milkis, take a bow. I’m the forum admin, @randy, and I take care of the hosting, moderation admin shiz.

We have big plans for the site in order to provide you and the rest of the community the support you deserve.

And, for the others that have recently stumbled upon us, we are also fortunately joined by @FriendsFromAutodesk friends, @FriendsFromCinesys friends, @FriendsFromBorisFX friends and @AJAFriends.

Thanks for your contribution of shaders. There’s an unwritten rule around here that all engineers who join get auto-magically promoted to 16bit status, and well, if you are going to share shaders, then BOOM!..congratulations on your new16bit status. It does come with a certain level of prestige, but, in reality, it’s all made up and really doesn’t matter. Not unlike the word “International” in the name “International House of Pancakes.”

Welcome @miles!

See you on Monday. :slight_smile:

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I like that glow! That went straight in to a job I’m working on. Cheers!

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Whoa, dope! Thanks Miles! Can we somehow get these into the collection?


welcome @miles. great to see you here.