Stone + Wire, Connection Refused - After reboot

Version: Flame2022.3
MacOS Monterey 12.6

Hi, has anyone experience S+W not working properly after a reboot. I have this happened to two of our hosts. Not sure why since we configured all hosts similarly. Every time one of our Flame editors attempts to pull a timeline from a remote hose (within the same LAN), the connection gets refused. However, the remote host can connect to the initial host that is attempting to connect. The only workaround I have is using the cli commands

sudo /opt/Autodesk/sw/sw_stop all 
sudo /opt/Autodesk/sw/sw_start all 

Not sure if I should have a login script to run those commands when the machines turn on. If anyone has a different workaround, let me know how you are working around this.



I remember this thread, but it was on Linux. No idea, but perhaps it’s just a boot order kinda thing?

Sounds like a possible race condition with the storage not being available when S+W starts. I’ve had luck on macOS workstations reporting this issue by adding the following to Automator and adding to the main OS user’s login items. Experiment with the sleep time. 10-25 seems to be the sweet spot.

Note: Adding link for the Linux crowd.

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