The Science of strobing

Hello friends, it is all in the post title, how we can reduce the the strobbing on a film intro that is using a map as a layout, here what I have found so far, but needs more eyes:
-Motion Blur, (default values), I used a 3d cam with a mesh for the map inside Action
-Reducing contrast in the map, reduce blacks at 0,0,0 to a mild value
-Adding DOF blur to add a macro-look, the director is not so into that, so I might take it off
-Avoiding a constant speed of the camera, varying the speed
-Avoiding a perfect orthographic camera looking at the Map to give more perspective

Anything else that you would share will be great, I feel it is almost an impossible task, since I am checking on my computer screen, and I feel it won’t give the same feeling in Cinema


Are you translating the map?

I am using a 3d cam inside action to add a natural camera movement

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And what type of filtering are you using on your Surfaces?

Most of the parameters are by default :slight_smile:

Ah. Whenever you are translating Surfaces, you have to change the filtering type on the pulldown menu. I’ve covered this on the forums previously so here’s a link and some stuff to look at.

If, after this, it still strobes, you need to soften the image. You either get sharp and it stutters, or soft and smooth. And where you end up along that path is up to you.

The only other way to help is to translate everything in whole pixel increments, but, aside from credit rolls, that’s likely not possible given the creative.