Any Resolve Support here today?

I’m having a really annoying time wasting issue in resolve right now and their forums are no help.

The gist of it is that I have a bunch of Timeline Mattes that are coming in with a different resize mode than the clip they are attached too. The clip (and project) are set to Fit and the mattes are clearly coming in as if they were set to Fill. So they’re squished and aren’t matching the footage. If I leave Lock Matte on they’re wildly off and if I turn Lock Matte off they also won’t line up because of the resize mode.

I’ve wasted an incredible amount of time on this today and i’m about to just render in passes and recomp everything that I need the mattes for in flame but I thought I would throw this out here before I waste even more time doing that because it’s a lot of shots.

Anyone seen this before or have any bright ideas? It’s Resolve 18.6.2, but the behavior was also there in 18.6 which I was on this morning.

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Thanks Randy, I’m just chugging through comping graded passes on top of each other like it’s 10 years ago here.

Also just so someone else doesn’t get burned on this like I did over the weekend.


I’m yelling because I feel like that’s import information that someone should have yelled at me when I started using their cloud project server instead of finding it in a random Forum post after a crash.

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can you elaborate on the timeline matte thing? Mattes in resolve have to be the same aspect ratio only iirc and you add them as mattes to the clips directly.

Like where does the mattes come from? how are they different res/aspect ratio etc? i dont quiet follow the issue.

My main way of doing mattes is just to put them i to different exr layers and have rgb and mattes all be a single exr sequence.

Sorry, they’re the same size as the source clip, same aspect ratio, etcetera. It’s just tiff sequences of roto we sent out from these clips. So I got the roto back and was going to use it to isolate a device the actress is holding. Basically the spot is in black and white except this device.

At first I thought they were getting cropped at the top and bottom, but it’s actually that they are getting squeezed by being interpreted differently than the source plate.

Imagine you have a plate set to Fit and you put a 1.2 zoom on it, and then a little repo. Then imagine the same plate set to Fill with the same zoom and repo on it. They will never line up. That’s what I eventually figured out I was getting. I think it’s just some sort of weird bug. I’m supposed to send blackmagic my project and such so they can look at it, but that’s for tomorrow.

hmm that sounds more like the source has a different pixel aspect ratio than the mattes? (anamorphic?) something doesnt add up , ive done this hundrets of times just fine. if the res and PAR matches it should he smooth sailing for mattes

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Have you checked the clip attributes of your matte are matching the clip you’re adding it to? Namely the PAR and resolution as Finn suggested.

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