This could be cool...device that adds dual screens to a laptop

I really like the form factor/portability.

going to kill the hinge on the laptop though… so its not thaaat great.

Agency IT guy once told me its cheaper to replace broken/fallen down laptops than put on heavy cases and have the hinge break on all of them haha

Yeah maybe…although it does have a kickstand to help support the weight in a desktop setting (which is how I’d use it), so it might be ok.

For my needs, it’s definitely intriguing.

why not just put the monitor next to your laptop? there are a buunch of mobile external screens now, I think asus even has a 22" OLED.
They come with kickstands also. might also be cheaper, no reason to have them mounted directly next to your laptop screens.

Ok geez, I had no idea all these mobile screens existed…a little bus powered Asus will be perfect for my needs.

Lol, thanks for the heads up Finn.

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Its amazing for traveling, I actually like to bring a small smallHD screen (7") for broadcast output as well, blackmagic mini monitor hdmi goes to hotel room tv and sdi to the smallHD

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