Three Up

Anyone else using three up horizontal as a batch way of working. im finding it quite good. im using one monitor at the moment - the apple XDR - which is great. so ive been using this split as a view. would love to store this as a custom default three up though. also would love to lock the top one just to be context view or F4. also an option of just a horizontal two up would be good.


This is what the Layouts feature what implemented for. One the most underused feature that everybody would benefit from IMO.

Customising your UI with Batch Layouts - Flame 2023.2

You can add a request at for an Horizontal 2-Up


Nice one Fred, didnt even know that was there. will try it now.

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you cant set it as a default when you start a new batch though?! Or can you.

No you can’t. The closest thing is probably to assign a shortcut to your layout.

You could also upvote this request: Layouts: Ability to set default layouts for Batch and Effects.


I have setup several layouts (single, 3-up, 2-up schematic, 2-up batch) and mapped them to F16-F19 on my keyboard. Very easy to switch between. After you save your layout presets, you can assign them to different keyboard shortcuts.

On the three up I have batch on left, schematic in center, and viewer on right.

Sometimes I tag the right as context-2 (final node on batch) and use the middle as the F4 output. So you can see current node and final result side-by-side as you hop through batch.

My main obstruction to using anything other than single view (sometimes scopes) is that you can’t lock a view and I keep getting my viewing window into a schematic or vice versa.


Nice one, I didn’t know that either, …

Now I have keyboard envy…
:rofl: :joy:

Standard Apple keyboard with touch id.

F16-19 is top row on numpad.

Not sure I’m clear what locking a view means?

It is entirely to do with muscle memory and bad habits.
I have spent my career mashing ESC and F4 and ~ so much to navigate around that I can’t help but do it on a 2-up view and I was wondering if there was a way of locking a viewport to result and not have it change :thinking:

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I live in 2-up view in Batch full time and can’t even do the whole one up flipping the whole screen back and forth between schematic and image.
However, some functionalities in Flame are not optimized for more than one-up. But that’s another subject for another day.

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I’m single monitor, one up, autokey always on cuz I’m wild with it.


You truly live up to your title!

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You guys should try 6 up :slight_smile:


defo should have a lockable view. im always accidentally changing the context view to schematic by mistake. would love to lock that one. will try the function key short keys. thankfully I didnt do all of this before 2025!

are you un an ultra wide LG there?

You can add your vote for the lock on FI-02225 Viewing: Ability to lock views in 2/3/4 Up Layouts