Widget Viewport Monitoring

Hello All,

I know how to make it that my widgets/icons don’t show up on all Viewports (when you comp in batch w multiple screens)… but does anyone know how to make this setting permanent? I’ve not been able to locate a permanent setting for this preference and find myself having to turn this off repeatedly while working.


thanks in advance


@fredwarren is there a preference for this?

I have been told that once you make the selection it should stick, but my system reverts back as well. I prefer it the other way round, having my icons only on my current viewport and not on the context view showing come comp downstream. But, there is a keyboard shortcut which saves lots of button pushing. It shoud be CTRL-SHIFT-W if my muscle memory serves me right. Or some other 2-key-modifier-combo + W.

‘ I know how to make it that my widgets/icons don’t show up on all Viewports (when you comp in batch “

Woe. Woe. Stop the bus.

How do you do this.


In Batch, it’s under the View menu (right side of frame) then on the left side of frame, toggle the second one down to its non default selection. Sorry, not at box right now.

Update Widgets on All vs Update Widgets on Selection or something like that.


Sinan, your experience echoes mine. It does NOT stick for me either.
And I have used MANY machines on many diff configs that all behave this way.

oh well.

@johnag At least some good came out of this post. lol

Checked it now.


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Sweet, though I wish it was a Default-able setting.
I can’t think of any reasons to have this set as the Default, if you 2 up for a contextual view of your work, why in the world would you need to see splines when you already have them in your working view. But, me so Crazy.

I just did a test thinking that the preferences may be reset/change when you would go in a different Batch Group or BFX and everything seemed fin on my end.

I appreciate you chiming in, and taking some time for this.
I’m curious… how much time did you spend testing this out?

You have multiple Ops confirming this behavior here, one of them being the Great Sinan (sorry Sinan, don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable).

If you did not spend the day jumping between batches, bfx, and projects while testing this… then in my eyes your results are based on a very simple test that does not encompass A busy Flame artists day. Things tend to misbehave unpredicably when working, and when you are in the thick of a million tasks this is when this stuff seems to happen.

Also. Again, conceptually… I’d like to challenge the designers of this as to why they feel that this should be on by Default versus the other way around?

Anyways, on to take care of a million tasks because although there are no cars on any dealers lots… somehow they feel they should make even MORE car ads now. lol

Have a good day everyone.

Hello Dan,

I spent 10 minutes doing a basic check as this is not my job to investigate the issue. If you want the problem to be investigated you need to contact the support team.

I also did the quick test and it seemed fine, but as I dove into it a bit deeper there was a lot of hit and miss. Changing projects, changing batches, changing viewports, etc., seems to screw it up. It’s almost like it works on a per-batch basis, rather than system wide. But even that became inconsistent after a few changes.

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Fred, I was not asking Autodesk or yourself as this is a user Forum and I was reaching out to my fellow brethrens. I feel like I’m being shamed for checking with other users because I did not go to AD directly, please don’t do this.

I am also not criticizing you for taking ten minutes, but rather explaining to you that that is not how to determine whether or not this issue persists, thank you very much.

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