Timeline editing weirdness

I realized something weird happening on the “Frame field” number indicator. When I edit on the timeline, if I cut and remove the first segment on a timeline, the first frame doesn’t stay as 1, but rather has a value of (head handles of first segment + 1)…
This is on Flame 2024.1, Rocky 8.7
Am I missing something, was this behaviour always like that?


Hello Sinan,

The behaviour was changed in the 2024 version with the introduction of the Start Frame improvements.


In the past, it wasn’t possible to have a clip start at another value than 1, which was causing problems in pipeline using other products.

Thank you @fredwarren I’ll have to dive into it to get the behaviour I am used to. Or I’ll have to get used to the new one :slight_smile:

Thing is, when I extend the tail of the trimmed clip (which has the first frame numbered as 51) one frame and create a cut at the last frame, the first frame of the clip then becomes 1 as I would like it. I don’t get how creating a cut at the end of the segment, changes the first frame number…

After having watched the video (thanks @Jeff) I am still stumped on using timeline editing to cut down offline exports. The QuickTime video I was working on, in the video I recorded, has all different versions of the tvc in one file, because the offline editor chose to export them as a single clip. As I go about cutting it down, the start frames are defined by the place of the specific frame from the first frame of the video clip.

When I try to change the start frame, Flame gives me “The Start Frame cannot become lower than 0. Make sure the clip does not have media in the head handle.” So, I first need to consolidate the handles and then change the start frame. But since you can’t consolidate the handles of multiple clips in one go I either have to individually select the clips, consolidate handles or I need to copy them to another reel, Splice the reel, consolidate the handles on the spliced segments, then cut at splices and move them over to the reel I want.

There are 40 ways to skin a cat, but my cat became so much more tedious to skin.

/rant off

Do you get similar results with Ripple off? It seems like a visual bug or something not updating until you do another timeline edit. I’m gonna try it out.

Yes I’m getting the same thing wether Ripple is on or off. And I’ve messed around with the preference for start frame and still see this happen.