Tinder plugin

Hi everyone,

How can one purchase tinder plug-in, are they still approachable?? Not able to find the site.

I believe Genarts were taken over by Boris so get in touch with them… or have I got the wrong Tinder to which I know nothing about. LOL

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Yeah, Genarts bought Tinder off the Foundry, but now that Boris owns Genarts I’m not seeing any evidence of Tinder.

Any specific plugin you’re looking for?

Looking for T_MinMax, this works like charm.

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Curious what you used this for specifically? It’s a blend mode I’ve hardly ever used.

I’m not sure what this plugin does because all I find when I search for list of tinder plugins is dating app stuff, but I know I personally use max lighten when I’m doing fine beauty work and just want to apply it to dark pores/ splotches without losing highlights. I’ve used min darken when I roto something that’s dark and very small but surrounded by bright pixels, like a tree branch over a bright building, to avoid a bright halo. The caveat is that it really truly is hit or miss, and can have really sharp edges, though sometimes even just changing the transparency to 1 or 2% can fix that. I don’t use them often, but have to varying degrees of success. But again, I have no idea if that’s what T_MinMax is…

I’ve seen the min/max transfer mode, although I’m not sure where. I think the Knoll lens flares came with a minmax and a divide plugin… (back in like 2003)

My hunch is it’s an overlay-type thing where anything below 50% is min and above 50% is max, but I honestly don’t know. If we can get clarification on the math maybe someone can code up a matchbox to do this.

(or maybe someone already has?)

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Ah, I think you’re right @andy_dill, I can’t actually get to this Substance3d forum post for whatever reason (it just takes me to a list of apps) but I do see this snippet intimating what you’re getting at

I have a minmax.mx. I used the Tinder one a lot to clean text from live screens shot on Fruit Phones. Some years ago someone whipped it up for me.

Where can I stick it for y’all to grab?


@aaronneitz What does it do exactly? Do you have a good use case example? Ope, never mind! I didn’t read about the fruit phones!

It’s sorta a median but defers to the brightest pixels or the darkest pixel in a region.

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I believe you can upload it here. Pls let us know when it’s available. Thanks!

Ok, sorry folks. it’s md_minmax. MinMax Matchbox (flamemark.wixsite.com). So not mine to give out freely? Mark Doney - whom I believe is no longer with us.

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At least we know it’s matchboxable.