Tiny planet effect

Hi Folks,

is there a filter equivalent to photoshops polar coordinates filter or a workflow how to create a tiny planet effect from a panoramic image? I found a youtube tutorial for photoshop using this polar coordinates filter but I have no idea how to do it in flame.

Any ideas?


there is a tiny planet matchbox (Ls_Tinyplanet) with some parameters to play around with, but it needs some try&error: it’s not as fluid as the polar coord. variant.


Thanks! Will give it a try

We do have a MapConvert node in batch. You can use it in Cartesian-Polar mode to get almost the same effect…


I checked the other day that Ls_Tinyplanet can actually make stuff like the above from some environment HDRs and it worked fine, but admittedly I was also like ??!?:crazy_face:?? why did I label the controls like this 9 years ago or whenever it was - lmk if anyone has suggestions about how they should actually work :face_in_clouds: