Motion blur on an atomize map

HI All,
trying to get motion blur to work with LS Flock Matchbox. I would have thought that it was possible to generate MB from the position pass on the displaced surface bur no dice. I have also tried outputting motion vectors with the surface set to wireframe (becaue otherwise its just a solid object still but that doest seem to output anythhing useable.) Any hacks/ thoughts?

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Stingray Motion Blur?

Yep I have triedeattaching that to the camera but nothing doing. In fact I have tried attaching everything to everything but it doesnt work. If I output motion vectors I have to CC them up by 3000% to see anything but they certainly arent useable or too useful.

Have you tried reelsmart motion blur? It’s a bit hacks but might be helpful.

Could you render the motion-blur pass with a normal surface and use it to apply moblur to your atomized render?

I’m not familiar with LS Flock Matchbox, but maybe you could render it at 1/10th speed, then do a 100% timewarp to add motion blur in post. Probably not the quickest, but would be accurate.

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Jules i assume Atomise doesnt generate actual objects so to action nothing is moving. Have you tried adding an analyse after the action then to generate Motion blur? If its not smooth or looks funky because we are dealing with little dots I would try the timewarp trick… on the desktop slow it down by 50%, then speed it up 200% with MB on

Not sure what you mean when you say render the motion blur pass with a normal surface?

Yeah potentially. The position pass is animating the surfae of the image through so I would have thorugh that I could generate motion vectors for that part of it though.

Apologies for not being clear. You can render the surface with a texture map to generate the motion vector pass.