Track in .txt format

I have been sent some tracking data (apparently compatible with flame) in .txt format. Is this a thing? If so, how do I get it into an axis?

Cut and paste in the ascii file. But it’s somewhat complicated. I would create an action with a dummy track then try to replace that part with the file you were given. Also, not every text editor will round-trip properly. I use gedit in Linux with few issues.

I dont think it is actually that complicated if this method works :slight_smile:

If the ascii file is simply x and y data, you might be able to import it in directly through the stabilizer.

To test my theory, go into the Stabilizer with a shot using either 2D Transform or Action. Using one tracker, (disable the second), track any moving point on the image. Once the track is complete, press the SAVE button and change from setup to SHIFT. This saves an ASCII file. Open the file in a text editor. The data includes a frame number and X & Y co-ordinates.

If your supplied data matches this format, I dont see what you cant rename the file with a .ascii extension and import that as shift data onto a tracker in the stabilizer.

It’s a long shot but worth a try :wink:


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I think it may be more complicated. The provider mentioned point cloud data? Then Nuke, then said they would save it as Flame compatible data.

Definitely some sort of coordinate data - just not sure what.

Looks like this and continues for a few hundred lines;

2707.910748433593199 1459.365144118911530
2692.137041107091591 1453.000818029933725
2676.454834159665552 1446.470953473263535
2660.794845033206457 1439.814481170488762
2645.423824063498614 1433.206281401368642
2630.189037984388051 1426.467566769575797
2615.112009775325987 1419.763229121388804
2600.078280560107942 1412.842834090071165
2585.583231966578296 1405.746389985514725
2571.184817526079314 1398.600063393713526
2557.087043836651901 1391.575970042318204
2543.288313340101922 1384.374761697930808
2529.723506095279845 1377.308029321663980
2516.292545441005586 1370.146448533929515
2502.923536323894950 1363.095902094015401
2489.553101619971130 1356.031063031649410
2476.051203772005010 1349.044485807678029
2462.850319557476269 1342.100126776251955

What about Tracksperanto? It looks like it can spit out txt files, so maybe it can import them too.

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That looks like it should have worked - maybe there is something wrong with the files I’ve been supplied. Will definitely save the website for future use - Thank you.

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Ended up re-tracking in Flame - single point and hand animated the perspective - old skool rules!


They probably considered that if you typed all of those numbers in by hand for every frame it would have been compatible. The file itself, not so much.