When upgrading flame

Is there a specific reason why my users and hotkeys just can´t just move over automatically? the software is soon to be what 30 years old and pretty much all other apps we use does this without hiccups.

See other things:

OSX Flame 2023 tend to halt render when I CMD TAB into other software… Not good.
Pen functionality seams to be flaking out one time / click stops working in some menues and the enter key needs to be used instead… Not good.

Updating to 2023.1 now will see if that sorts any of the above.

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Hey Bjorn. I’ve been porting around my ever-evolving custom hotkeys for many years. My solution is not supported by ADSK, so be aware that there can be hotkey conflicts when new features are introduced, and thus new or changed hotkeys.

From your user that has your custom keys, go to opt/autodesk/user/[user name]/hotkey/. You’re going to copy this whole directory.

Create a new user. In your system file manager, copy the entire /hotkey/ folder from the original user to the /hotkey/ folder in your new user. Launch Flame, and you should be good to go.

(But no, I don’t understand why, still, hotkeys are not properly copied over with new users.)

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Bane of my life too!