Transform a Pulsation Shake

Hey gang, does flame have something similar to Premiere Pro Transform a Pulsation Shake? Thank you a head of time :smiley:

What is a “pulsation shake”? Is it the motion blur that remains after stabilising something ?

I’m guessing it’s a transition preset by some ready-made project company.
Add camera shake and some chroma warp…

I faked an effect like this to simulate drunkenness. Reversed axis camera shake so that it only generated the motion blur. It was very effective.

No idea what a Pulsation Shake is ¯\(ツ)

Maybe share a reference @CallumMatthew :pray:

Pulsation Shake is a third party plug-in for Premier and After Effects. I don’t know what it looks like.

Update. They offer a free demo. It looks like a big camera shake with a bunch of motion blur.

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Ivar Beer had made me a custom MX for creating camera shake on the 3D physical camera in action, so if you have objects on z-planes, you get proper parallax, etc. If it’s of any use I can send it.