Two up display on the desktop

hey all. is there a way to use a two up display on the desktop. so I can select between two clips and see it full screen in the second up split. like you can in batch. ?? if not there should be. then I wouldn’t need a second display! thats the only thing I miss right now when working with a single display is the ability to see full screen clips as I select them. if you see what I mean.

Hi Jon,

if you are meaning when in mediahub and importing clips - under the preview window on right hand side theres a little icon with four corner angles - press that and the shot appears full screen

not sure if thats what you mean though…

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Hi. No sorry. I mean when on the desktop. So if I have a broadcast monitor then whatever I select goes full screen in the broadcast monitor. I can do the same thing with 2 up in batch. But not on the desktop.

ahh…i know you can hit space` and it will toggle to full screen, but in desktop it just enlarges the icons rather than the clip!

I need to click on different clips and see the full screen version on the second part of the two up

that would be useful

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there is a slight workaround that might help…assuming you are looking at reels in the desktop, if you set the Timeline display below to “Collapsed” that gives you a larger view of the reels and when you scroll through on a thumbnail, the larger view below also scrolls…

  1. Put your clips on the same Desktop Reel
  2. Click on the Play button in the Reel controls to open the Full Screen Player for that Reel
  3. In the Full Screen Player enable Show Play Reel in the Options drop down at the bottom right of the screen
  4. Put the clip you want to see in the middle of the reel at the bottom of the screen

Interesting. Will try it out.

methinks Fred has the answer!

yes that works - but not as I would like it really. I would love a proper 2 up like in batch. left can be the reels - right can be F4.

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Then the closest you can get is to:

  1. Go to the Timeline tab
  2. Display the Player
  3. Hide the Timeline by Ctrl-Swiping at the bottom of the screen OR Space-Tilde while the cursor is over the Player/Reels
  4. Extend the width of the Media Panel and select the Tiles display option


@Jonhollis Do you mean like “Source Sequence”?

Hi - no I mean like this. so as I click on the shots on the left they are shown large on the right - F4. But on the desktop not in batch. So a real two up display with reels on the left

Oh i see what you mean, THe only other thing i can think of is double click on the yellow part and a tiny box comes up to see but its super small and you can zoom in but only to see the general idea, But you have good point!

thats in batch though, im talking about the desktop