Is there a way to cycle through clips in the MediaHub Player while fullscreen?

Because I’m about to throw down a feature request for it…

Say you want to QC your QT exports on the server, browse through FX elements etc, but want to see them fullscreen and not in that teeny preview window? Yes, you can import everything, but still… I can shift + left/right arrow to toggle through sequences in reels. Wish we could do the same sorta thing for all clips/QTs in a folder…

Goto previous/next clip in the folder kinda thing…

Ah screw it.
FI-02781 - MediaHub: Cycle through (selected?) multiple clips in a folder while in fullscreen mode.


I soft import the lot of it, then using Smoke Hotkeys, Alt V which is Select Next Clip #423, to select the next clip, and since its selected already, if I don’t like it, I Shift D to delete. At the end of this quick process I have imported what I want, deleted what I don’t, and cache.

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Yeah, totally recognize that way of working, but sometimes you just wanna filebrowse full screen, y’know? Without soft dumping 90 different fire elements into a reel to audition stuff, or maybe you just kicked out a bunch of quicktimes and you want to make sure they have that one little picture tweak you made to the endcard. Fast, noncommittal-like. Browsey… Like hitting space bar for a preview in macOS.

Whatever it may be, I’ve found myself wanting the player in the media hub to be able to prev/next around to other clips for quite some time now.

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’d be handy, I dunno… But I also think it wouldn’t be a huge resource suck code-wise to add that functionality. The media hub player would be better for it, imho.

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Totally agreed, especially looking through thousands of stock elements. I always want to down arrow or right arrow to advance to the next clip.


I know, but, at least you can go full frame whilst hot keying your way through these on the Desktop

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Yup, you definitely can. And I have before, too… Just saying, MediaHub’s player could use the love. To make filebrowsing fit everyone’s needs like a glove. Ya feel me, bruv?

In the medua hub preview window there is a full screen viewing option. Would that help?

Doesn’t allow you to cycle through clips though so you have to minimise and manually select the next clip I think.

Yup, that’s what the feature request at the top of the thread is for. Prev/next clip control in the viewer.

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Great idea. Upvoted.

without wanting to sound a complete noob…what exactly is “soft importing”?
i thought an import was an import!

Just importing w/ cache media turned off :slight_smile:

Thanks Eric…thats pretty much every project for me!

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It’s the pre-Annivesary edition terminology for an uncached import

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Please make sure to link the discussion about feature improvement when you enter an improvement request so we can follow.

I have added the link of the current discussion in Eric’s improvement request.

have a nice day!

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That’s a great idea. Will do in the future!

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Conjuring up all the memories for me right now… haha.

Thinking about this the other day, I think PageUp/PageDown could be intuitive hotkeys for prev/next clip. Within striking distance of the arrow keys… I feel like an ancient Windows98 previewer app used to use that… It’s unassigned in the player anyway.

Me saying goodbye to my Onyx 3 when we switched to Linux. 4/4/2008 :heart::cry::vulcan_salute:t2: