MediaHub very slow to display folders and files

Hello Everybody,

I wonder if you ever had Flame stucked while trying to list folder and files in MediaHub.
Import and Export is unavailable because Flame doesn’t show floder content.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it takes minutes to work. I can’t explain why.

Services are ok, i restarted all of them.
I reboot the workstation and Flame, I unmount and mounted the NAS too.

Do you have solution ?

Thank you

Are you on Mac or Linux? Are the files local or on a NAS? I have recently had slow downs when trying to reach the files on the NAS and thought it might be the network. I wonder if it’s something relevant to your case…

Hello Sinan,
NAS via SMB connection (more stable) and Mac.
But I tried to get the Desktop Folder too and it’s the same issue.

I am suddenly experiencing the same thing. On Mac. Just updated to latest Mac OS, re installed flame, reset all, looked through all permissions. Getting a little beach ball delay each time I go to access folders… Not a show stopper, just annoying af. Any ideas?


To see if it’s a general speed issue connecting to your storage run the Black Magic Disk Speed test app.

I’ve had this issue on a 10gig connection to my synology NAS. Running BMD speed test I only got 100mb/s. After a reconnect to the NAS I got 800 mb/s and Flame was back to normal.

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Hello Johnag,
I use direct IP address to the 10GBe of the NAS to avoid connection speed issue and SAMBA to have more stability than AFP protocol.
Thank you for your advice but it doesn’t seem to be this issue. Sometimes, It’s stuck and not just slow. I have to cancel several times to work.

Having similar issues with Linux, 2022.3.1. Haven’t got to the bottom of it. I had suspected it was due to some reference frames being deleted but it happens on other flames and projects periodically. Doesn’t seem to be related to the server traffic either.