Cannot browse the footage-folder in MediaHub (folder-structure not visble)


from time to time* the path to the footage stored on an external SDD is not “browseable” anymore :frowning: On screenshot/attachment2 I typed the path manually with virtual keyboard of Flame
but the footage-files are still not listed :slight_smile:

  • in the past (I think) it helped sometimes to power off the iMac and reboot it, or did I just activate an “viewing-option” in MediaHub?

  • in macOS Catalina Finder the entire path to the footage-folder is shown

  • same situation after switching to an other project

  • I am on Flame 2021.2

  • many moth ago this behaviour happend last time

  • logging into macOS as Admin does not solve that issue

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thank’s a lot!

Check that Flame has full disk access in System settings under Privacy and Security.

Turn on access to:



Thank you very much for the help! None of the options were activated:)