Unimportant Poll of the Day: Motion Blur Defaults

Is it time to politely request an update to the sofware defaults of 1.0 motion blur and 5 samples to something more likely to be used in a professional setting, such as 0.5 and 15 samples?

I’m not saying you won’t still need to change the settings, but it would be nice for many shots to just turn it on and get a pretty correct result without altering both settings…every time.

  • No, the Motion Blur Defaults are good and I will explain why below
  • Yes, I would like to see the setting updated

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Would be nice if it was just an adjustable default setting in the action preferences menu.

Also the 2d transform motion blur defaults should match the new setting instead of the shutter 2.0 that it is now.


I never keep the default values I am given.

I lean towards 0.35 and 10 samples but yeah why is 2D Transform set to 2 :thinking:

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Why can’t it automatically figure out the needed sample per frame? It’s got to be a lot less calculation than rendering unneeded samples…


0.5 shutter and 16 samples 4 lyfe

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Action is one of the few modules in which you can define your own defaults. I set mine to 30 samples and .50 shutter. Every time I use action it comes up that way. I see no reason to change when you already have the ability to make it whatever you want.

How do you define the default?

I did it with lens flares, but that involved changing permissions on some stuff.

Set up action in any way you would like as a default, then navigate to Setup>Objects and Maps>Default Setup>Set Current as Default. Once done, whenever you open a new Action it will have those defaults. It might be only 2022 and up. I can’t remember when it was implemented. I wish they would put it in more nodes.


The more you know

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You can also right-click in Action and click ‘Set Current Setup As Default’. (Have definitely done that accidentally before and been confused by each new action having 3 images and a GMask).


That’s great that you can set the defaults. I didn’t realise that (0.5, 20 for me).

However I still think it would be better to ship Flame set to .5. The reason is, it’s exactly the sort of thing that trips up a junior op. It takes a while to understand shutter angles and 180 degree shutter motion blur, and I think it’s better to start the learners off in a good place rather that setting them up with motion blur set to 360 degree shutter, which they should be very rarely using and looks horrible.


Agreed with that re: sensible settings for newbies. 0.5 always.