Motion blur shutter

Very often I get asked to do a respeed on a shot and get asked for a90 degree or 180 degree shutter motion blur. How does the shutter in Flames motion blur relate to a camera shutter?

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My understanding is that on the scale of 0 - 1, .5 is 180 degrees, 1 would be 360 degrees so on and so forth. Could be wrong though.

.5 is the technically correct setting.

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I concur with Britt. 1 is a 360 shutter. 0.5 is 180 and 0.25 is 90.

0.125 is the Saving Private Ryan setting.


Or gladiator! My name is Maximus Decimus Motionblurless, commander of the Felix legions…"

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That’s just because mill film was all floctane and accumulation was expensive :joy:

“Ryan’s Privates”

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Who do you have to fuck to have .5 be the default!


The great Sam Edwards educated me years ago about the .5 setting.
I wonder if this is saved with action default prefs?

So flattered, @GPM. It should be system wide, for timewarps, etc. Best Wishes!

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and yet so mild mannered on fxphd!!

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