Unstabilize with Motion Vectors?

Hi friends. I know it’s possible to stabilize with motion vectors, but can you unstabilize with them? Like if you were doing a stab–>fix–>unstab workflow.


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I think you make a copy of the action node you used to stabilize, pipe your stabilized/fixed image with alpha back into it and turn off stabilize.


Yeah this :point_up_2:, but if you’re working at the edge of frame you’ll likely end up with issues from the texture compressing. If you stabilize with overscan and then use recursive ops you can sometimes get around the issue, but generally its more trouble than its worth.

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The recursive ops trick is awesome, IF you’ve stabilized it rock solid and it is truly truly a nodal pan. I always want to use this trick. It rarely makes it into my comps though

Yes, useful for hair retouch, and also with Mocha’s Powermesh:

Pixelspread can be helpful to expand the edges to avoid issues

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Use UVs exported from stabilise action. It’s much safer. Don’t forget to switch action to 32bit output. I’ll make a screenshot later unless @PlaceYourBetts or @richardamckeand beats me to it.


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Motion Warp Tracking - Part 8 - Stabilisation Workflow:

Yeah. I have been burnt by motion vectors not maintaining their results. If I get something I am happy with I will “bake” that off as a UV for safe keeping.

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