Update on Ivar Beer

Hi Everyone. I heard from Ivar’s family that he is going to be buried tomorrow. They’ve sent their heartfelt thanks for the outpouring of love and support for Ivar. If you have a Don’t Worry, Matchbox Rocks or Crok Tshirt, please wear it tomorrow in honor of our beloved friend.:broken_heart::fire:


hello my friend. i hope you had a chance to convey to his family how he touched minds and hearts all over the globe, and we are all shattered about his passing.

thanks for the sad update…


Hi Andy,

What you have done for the memory of Ivar with that fantastic, heartfelt and engaging Logik Live episode and the updates and the GoFundMe donations all clearly tell his family just how much he touched all those whose flame he helped to light and plugged into their connective Flame. Again, so sad that Mark and Ivar were both taken away in such close proximity but their work and spirit were intense and encompassed everyone in their bright expansive halos. Am not sure what time the funeral is today for Ivar, but I am thinking at this moment about the great loss his family must be feeling as his body is removed from the temporal realm. You’ve been a great representative of Ivar’s memory Andy and many thanks for helping amplify what was already a loud and expansive voice. You are keeping those echoes of his voice going in a very admirable way. Hurrah Ivar…!



If Logik had flag, it’d be flying at half mast today. In lieu, @ivar has been nominated as Logik’s very first 32bit member. To celebrate @ivar, let’s fill this thread up with pictures or images from his shaders.


Ivar was working on a matchbox of traveling through a cloud tunnel and I asked if I could use it on a pitch I was doing at the time. He said it wasn’t finished but you can use it the way it is. Here is a sample of it:

I still think of him everytime I search a matchbox.


So pretty
Such sad news about ivar


Dude. That’s insanely cool!


What an amazing looking shader, evokes so many emotions in me. RIP Ivar.

Wow, this is quite shocking news, sorry to land rather late on it, RIP Ivar, you’ll be missed

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